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Goats Neck – Central Texas

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About the Project

Goats Neck – Central Texas

Situated on 3/4 acre site with 43′ vertical fall from front to back.  The clients goal was to retain all live oak trees and maximize views to canyon below.  Utilized large sliding glass door units for exterior views and natural ventilation.  The layout is elongated to increase wall exposure i.e. views.  Style is Modern Ranch.

A house with stairs and steps leading up to it.
A stone wall and gravel pathway in front of a house.
A house with a tree in front of it
A living room with two chairs and a bench
A kitchen with a large island and a table
A living room with couches and a fireplace
A house with a tree in the yard
A patio with furniture and lights on the wall.
A plant and driftwood on top of a glass table.
A 3 d rendering of the exterior of a house.